Most of us were never taught the skills for eliminating the relationship conflicts that rob us of love and deep connection 

Hi! Dr. Paige and Don here.

 You know how someone can love their mate but absolutely HATE the conflicts to the point that they’re afraid their relationship won’t make it? 

Well, we teach them the key insights and practices to eliminate those relationship-killing conflicts and achieve the closeness and deep connection they long for — even when only one of them is ready to do something about it.

 With the world around us causing so much uncertainty and distress, it's critical that we know how to make our relationship a deep well of comfort, security, and joy.

Not just for our own happiness and well-being. But for those around us — our families, friends, and all whom we hold dear.

A Handful of Proven Insights and Skills Makes All The Difference 

It's completely normal – inevitable really – for two strong, intelligent grownups to run into stubborn conflicts.

But it's not inevitable that these challenges (even as intrusive as they are these days) erode the quality and depth of your connection.

You'll know how to:

  • Transform conflicts into mutual understanding and support
  • De-escalate your own anger and frustration - and the tensions between you
  • Discuss even the touchiest topics, without triggering another tug-of-war or chilly silence
  • Transform unwanted repetitive patterns (URPs) that develop over time and keep causing arguments, misunderstandings, and stalemates
  • Listen in ways that make it easy for your partner to listen openly, instead of getting cranky or turning away
  • Amplify love when things are going well, so that love becomes your. predominant experience, despite circumstances around you

Academic Underpinnings

The Extraordinary Relationship Formula™ Program — whether delivered privately or in groups, face-to-face or online — includes a powerful combination of research-based methods and decades of personal and professional experience.

For those who might be interested in the academic underpinnings, our approach blends:

  • A cutting-edge communication theory (CMM) that sees communication as a creative act through which we create the quality of our relationships
  • Emerging insights about the neurobiology of love and connection, as well as the neurobiology of defensiveness and fear (aka: the lizard brain, which explains the cute little stuffed green guy that Paige is holding in the pic of her leading a workshop)
  • The new field of interpersonal neurobiology, founded by Dr. Daniel Siegel, which further illuminates how the brain, body, and mind function in the context of relationships.

And if you really want to geek out on this, the first two disciplines above were central to Paige's doctoral research on the enactment of fear in conversations-gone-bad.

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