GRABBING LIGHTNING is an inspiring memoir about love and personal transformation 

New from the authors of Executive in Passage, this page-turning memoir is about finding true love — an extraordinary love that surpasses what most of us believe is possible.

Donald Marrs was twenty years into his career as a powerful ad executive when in his early 40s he found himself in a full life crisis.

His marriage was crumbling, he was working on client products that conflicted with his values, and he felt like he had reached the end of the road in himself.

Then the unimaginable happened — a spiritually transformative experience turned his world upside down.

Finally, he understands why so many of his past choices backfired and old relationships failed.

Without hesitation, he vows to let his new perceptions about the transcendent nature of love guide his choices going forward — a life-altering turn that ultimately transforms his career AND his love life forever.

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Reader Reviews

I had both tears and a smile throughout the book

 I read Grabbing Lightning on a flight from Austin to Los Angeles. The flight landed and I had just a few more pages to read. I never before wished a flight would have taken longer. 

The authors reach into an honesty that takes the reader into a journey of learning, remembering, and heart expansion. You'll be glad you read this book.

Dr. Benjamin Shield

True meaning of love

I read this book with a sense of longing.

Reading about the author’s search… his faith and persistence, his unwillingness to settle for an ordinary love, made me realize that this was worth diving deep for and following your heart.

Risa Potters, DC

A brave story to tell

This "love story" is a different one... the inward journey of discovering who we are, who we choose to become, the moments at which those choices and their consequences smack us in the face... an honest and revealing account of a journey toward love.

Keith Melville
Author, Marriage and Family Today

Great story about finding true love

The authors reveal so much about their search and themselves that you are enriched and enlightened through them.

I recommend “Grabbing Lightning” for anyone who’s searching for meaning and true love in their life.

Michael Larson
Business owner


Gripping account of a man caught between worlds

With survival at stake, mentally and physically, the book propels us into the deep and swirling maelstroms of transformation as one becomes two and the mystical reveals itself.

... a gift of redemption and transcendence.

David Blake Willis
Professor of Anthropology, Sociology

Exhilarating, liberating...

... but not a simple trajectory to that upward spiral that’s endlessly expansive. 

I learned a lot about handling the "bumps" that come up in a relationship, and still hearing that inner voice that’s guiding you — even when you’re filled with doubt. 

 Rebecca Ewing
Landscape designer

Mystical awakenings, romantic intrigue...

... business failures, heartbreak and eternal love, are the delicious and thrilling qualities that are woven together to create a terrific book and a life well-lived. "Grabbing Lightning" is a Heart Thriller, don’t miss it.

Steve Hasenberg, MFT

Entertaining, enlightening, intriguing

Kept me engaged from one page to the next. A fascinating love story that explores the spiritual connections we sometimes make in a moment, but we know will last a lifetime.

If you've ever had that moment and wondered about its bigger meaning, this book... searches for the answers with honesty and darn good story-telling.

 Judith Stevens-Long,
Author, "Living Well, Dying Well"

A book and life-story I could not put down

A real love story, with Love in the center.

Their story inspired me with a real sense of their journey. Not always easy, as life is. But the clarity they both had, and how the story unfolds will keep you reading.

Mark Donham
Sales and Technical Representative

Heartfelt and honest memoir

I had the pleasure of seeing Paige and Don speak years ago at a conference, and I was inspired by their message of love and strength.

These two qualities define their latest book together. It's an emotional and honest read and gives an inside look at beloved relationships.

Great read!

Scott Melesky

A page-turner, even though we know how it turns out

The Beatles sang: “All You Really Need Is Love,” but this book documents it with details of how things went wrong and then how they right: a miraculous love that was entirely unexpected.

The story evokes the question: Would we be willing to "take the leap?" Don and Paige take that leap and have shared that journey with us.

Rick Moody, Author,
"Five Stages of the Soul"

…extraordinarily insightful, thought-provoking, life-enhancing, life-changing read from first page to last

Part memoir, part self-help guide "Grabbing Lightning" is deftly written... exceptional and unreservedly recommended.

Midwest Book Review
Feb 2020

A beautiful, soulful story

 For anyone interested in living a life of purpose and love. The use of language and imagery put me inside the story...

From beginning to end, I was engrossed and engaged.


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